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Arvixe – Shared EARN $ 3,20TIET 20% W / CODE: PCMAG20
Arvixe – WordPress $ 7,00MOI MONTH
Arvixe – VPS $ 20,00MOI MONTH
Arvixe – Dedicated $ 429,00MOI MONTH
  • ADVANTAGES Capable website building tools. Unlimited monthly data transfer, email, and other fields. New linux and Windows-based servers. A variety of hosting plans.
  • DISADVANTAGES phone support can use some improvement. Manage WordPress host only six fields.
  • LAST LINE If you’re looking to build a website, look no further than Arvixe, a budget-friendly, feature-packed Web host.

Creating a website is not easy, and not choose a good web hosting service. Fortunately, Arvixe $ 3.20 at Arvixe – Shared distance themselves from the crowded pack with a Web hosting plan of consumer- and business-friendly, allowing you to create multiple domains on one server single, quickly established e-commerce, and enjoy unlimited mailboxes, databases, and data transfer monthly. Arvixe could use a little improvement phone support tech, but it is a web hosting service is accessible and flexible, with many PCMag Editors’ Choice Award for new Web hosting friendly. That was the deal.

Arvixe has a 60 day money back guarantee solid that bests many Web hosts’ 30 day money-back guarantee, but it is not long like Dreamhost ‘s $ 4.95 at DreamHost – Shared  generous 97 day refund.


Shared Web Hosting Package
joint plan of Arvixe offers you the option of storing your web site on a new linux server or on Windows, so you have more flexibility for laying the foundation of website . Like HostGator $ 3.47 at HostGator – Shared (Editors’ Choice for Web hosting services shared), Arvixe provides a standard Web hosting monthly free, but save your way if ice you commit a-lot-month or yearly package. Unlike GoDaddy $ 3.99 at GoDaddy – Shared , Arvixe allows you to choose a plan a month with any package of stories; GoDaddy requires expensive registered or Ultimate Room their plan (starting from $ 8.99 and $ 14.99, respectively) to receive its mark in the month. If you are looking to pay for Web hosting on a month to month basis, Arvixe is an attractive solution.

PersonalClass Arvixe shared plans include a Web Package free domain name, you can stay for as long as you use Arvixe, free domain transfer, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited storage term, unlimited email, and the ability to store six areas. If you opt for PersonalClass Pro ($ 7 per month), you can host as many domains as you want.

Arvixe hosting also provides BusinessClass (starting at $ 30 per month, or $ 22 per month with a two year commitment) to increase the reliability and uptime of your site by reducing the number of Web sites you sharing your server. It also gives you a dedicated IP address, a free SSL certificate, unlimited storage and bandwidth, and storage capacity of six fields.BusinessClass Pro (starting at $ 42 per month, or $ 35 per month with a two year commitment) adds unlimited domain names.

These are great shared hosting plan, but HostGator just beats to rule Arvixe as the Editors’ Choice for shared Web hosting. Although both services provide new linux or Windows options based hosting and unlimited domain names, email, storage and monthly data transfer, HostGator came in  a phone number free free and a layer Private secure sockets (SSL certificates).

Host DedicatedClass
If you decide to go the dedicated server route, be prepared to spend some serious coin.Dedicated servers start at a Arvixe expensive $ 429 per month, the majority of Web servers that we have examined have dedicated hosting packages starting at under $ 200 per month.That said, the dedicated servers of multiple wallet-friendly Arvixe than Media Temple ‘s $ 20.00 at Media Temple – Shared dedicated server, which starts from a whopping $ 2,000 .

You can configure a dedicated server with up to 96GB RAM Arvixe (Media Temple one-up it with a server that features 128GB RAM), 2TB of storage, and a relatively low 10TB of data transfer each month. In fact, in the Web server, we have tested, only Siteground provide little in the way of monthly data transfer (5TB). Dreamhost, on the other hand, no data cap.

Arvixe has an impressive capacity of RAM, but in terms of bang for the buck, we prefer HostGator, PCMag Editors’ Choice Dedicated Web hosting.  User can customize HostGator dedicated servers (start From a far more affordable $ 139 per month) with up to 1TB of storage, 16GB of RAM, and an impressive 25GB of monthly data transfer almost $ 300 less per month. Plus, HostGator of monthly data transfer-arguably the most important aspect of Web hosting-top  offerings from Arvixe (10TB), InMotion Hosting $ 3.49 at InMotion – Shared(15TB), GoDaddy (20TB ), and many other Web hosts.

Host VPSClass
If you are looking for a Web hosting settings that are stronger than shared Web hosting, but less expensive than dedicated Web hosting, Arvixe has excellent VPS  packages starting at $ 20 per month. Whether you choose the floor – six in total – you’ll enjoy unlimited emails and domains, and monthly data transfer.  It is important freedom if you envision your company grow very many times.  Selection of output Arvixe Linux VPS 3GB RAM and 100GB in storage capacity, while Windows VPS plans 4GB of RAM and 100GB max storage capacity.

That said,  Hostwinds $ 4.50 at Hostwinds – Shared  edge out the crown Arvixe as PCMag Editors’ Choice for VPS by providing up to 28.5GB of RAM, 600GB of disk space, unlimited monthly data transfer, unlimited email, and a Windows server option. If you plan to build (or move) a site is built on the ASP.NET framework, you will appreciate the package based on Windows Arvixe VPS’s.


Build a web site with Arvixe
RVSiteBuilder, a website builder  included in the hosting package Arvixe, is what I was used to build a test site: RVSiteBuilder prompted me to key in the name of the website, a tagline options, and the list of essential pages (like About Us, Contact, Home, and so on). After saving my options, I click the Edit icon to start forming my site.

RVSitebuilder provides options construction sites more than 1 & 1’s WebsiteBuilder, but it is not overwhelming; I find it easy to drag-and-drop text, add images, and change the pattern and color scheme. Unlike the 1 & 1’s WebsiteBuilder, RVSiteBuilder lets you add your own code to the prefabricated elements, which will open the door for a more custom look. In fact, 1 & 1 requires you to register to WebsiteBuilder Plus ($ 9.99 per month) to add code. Built-in website builder Arvixe is one area in which the Web server has an edge over Dreamhost, which lacks a website builder tool.

However, I like GoDaddy Website Builder flexible ($ 1 per month). The process of creation of this tool makes it super simple to add forms, linking social media, Google Maps, slideshows, and other items by dragging them around the sample. It contains the most attractive decorative elements, too.

Softaculous Arvixe library has dozens of applications that can be used to improve your site, including ClipBucket, Podcast Generator, and also offers WordPress hosting WordPress.Arvixe (starting at $ 7 per month, or $ 4 per month with a two year commitment) is “tweaked” to keep the software installed WordPress WordPress.Arvixe far, and it has the security measures in place to ward off hackers and malicious software harm.

Setting up a WordPress Blog
There are two ways to get WordPress up and running on a server Arvixe: You can install WordPress on a standard new linux or Windows-based servers or registered for WordPress storage management (start from $ 7.99 per month, or $ 4 per month with a two year contract). The second option gives your website pages WordPress-white-glove treatment by providing WordPress-specific security, automatically updating plug-ins, and perform daily backups.

Like other machines managed WordPress, management Arvixe hosting environment designed specifically for installing WordPress and associated plug-ins. In fact, you do not need to install the CMS at all as it comes pre-installed. Once you’ve logged into WordPress, you can create posts, pages, and galleries as you would with any other organization that WordPress site.

Unlike tools WP $ 29.00 at WP base , Arvixe provides management WordPress hosting that comes with unlimited storage and monthly data transfer, so you do not have to worry about hitting a lid. That said, Arvixe has a limited own-you can only store six management areas of their WordPress. InMotion Hosting, PCMag Editors’ Choice for managed WordPress hosting, allows you to store an unlimited number of domains .

Excellent Email
Arvixe know that email is an essential part of business, fortunately, do not try to nickel-and-dime our customers for their contact information. You get unlimited email accounts, even with Arvixe Web hosting most basic plan. 1 & 1 $ 4.99 at 1 & 1 – Shared , on the other hand, have three different email floors, each types have different restrictions depending on your chosen Web hosting package.

Arvixe prompt you to set up an email account in Web hosting registration process, but you can create an unlimited number at a later time by dipping into the cPanel (control panel allows you to access on some site functions), click Email Accounts, and create a user name and password.

E-Marketing and e-commerce
software library aforementioned Arvixe Softaculous also offers email marketing tools, such as OpenNewsletter, an application that lets you send email messages based on a list of subscribers. Softaculous also contain Magneto (an e-commerce applications), but let me make a compelling store in minutes by simply dragging and dropping site elements.

Magneto has more flexibility 1 & 1 Online Store of color and design options, but with the flexibility to create an extra layer of complexity that will require much of your time.


Security features
Arvixe Web hosting All packages come with a range of security features. Even with the most basic plan Arvixe, you can rest assured knowing that security updates nightly, detect brute force, firewall, and anti-DDoS tools are in place.

Arvixe SSL also provides a secure connection between the pages of your e-commerce and Web browser of the visitor, for $ 25 per year (you have to pay 2 USD per month for a dedicated IP address necessary). BusinessClass package, VPSClass, and DedicatedClass comes with a free SSL certificate (and a dedicated IP address).

Customer service Chops
Unlike 1 & 1, Arvixe has both 24/7 telephone support and an online Web chat-I tested both methods help. I fired up Web chat at 8:15 am on a weekday to ask a representative about how to import my settings into Arvixe Before I talk with a customer service representative, gave me a box Arvixe search to comb databases assistance. I have not found an answer, so I chose to wait for a customer service representative. A representative Arvixe to help me only 3 minutes later and paste the link into the chat that details how to install WordPress, depending on if I did a fresh install or work from a backup. The link is quite useful.

I tested the phone support service at 2:25 on weekdays. My aim is to discover the difference between regular web hosting and Arvixe Arvixe Web hosting WordPress. I waited less than five minutes before someone was my call. The representative stated that there is no difference between regular hosting and WordPress hosting, and that comes with the CMS Arvixe preinstalled. Unfortunately, the representative mentioned anything about WordPress updates automatically. I experienced no language or accent issues during my call.

A Web Hosting Service recommendations
Despite the discomfort customer support over the phone small, Arvixe is a PCMag Editors’ Choice for Web hosting newcomers friendly. The combination of company valuations, tools, and other features that set it above competitors such as GoDaddy and HostGator.Dreamhost, an Editors’ Choice Web host service webmasters skilled, no slouch, either; check it out if you really want to dig deep and do not remember it lacks the hand holding.

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