MyThemeShop: Best Premium WordPress Themes At One Place

MyThemeShop Review.

Yes In this article I am going to Review, MyThemeShop Premium WordPress themes. When anyone start blogging, what he/she needs? First Purchase a  doamin, Quality web hosting and WordPress theme.

Most of the newbie bloggers go for free WordPress themes. But they don’t know the disadvantages of free WordPress themes.

Although there are many good looking free WordPress themes in WordPress theme repository. But I recommend you to go for a premium WordPress themes. These premium WordPress themes cost you some money at starting but its worth every penny.

There are many advantages of premium WordPress themes over free WordPress themes. These premium themes are well coded, better supported, SEO optimized, Fast and User Friendly. Now a days there are many premium themes clubs. All are delivering exceptional premium themes at cheaper prices.

One of them is MyThemeShop. It is the best place for premium WordPress themes. If you want to make your blog stand out, then MyThemeShop WordPress Themes are for you. These themes come with quality and low price. They have every type of WordPress theme whether its magazine, news, blog type or any other.

MyThemeShop Review: Why MyThemeShop Rocks

Below are some of the best feature contained in MyThemeShop themes:

1. Blazing Fast

Yes! You heard it right. MyThemeShop themes loads blazing fast. Speed of any website is a major factor in its success, revenue and SEO. A website which load very fast also have low bounce rate. Also Google loves fast website. A fast loading website or blog can also outperform its competitors and rank better in search engines.

2. Properly Coded

These WordPress themes are coded very well. They have a team of highly experienced experts to do this task. These themes adhere with latest web standard of WordPress. They spend countless hours to refine the code of themes. On the other hand free themes are poorly coded and their code have clutter, which is very bad for your blog.

3.  SEO Friendly

If you don’t know, i tell you that your blog theme also plays a major role in its ranking in search engine. If SEO part of blog’s themes code is poorly written or coded, than forget about high ranking in search engine. But with MyThemeShop, you are no need to worry about SEO part of the theme.

These WordPress themes are properly SEO optimized and can help you to rank well your blog. These themes can easily integrate with popular SEO plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO. If you don’t know about SEO.

4. Fully Responsive

The themes from MyThemeShop are fully responsive.  If your website’s most traffic is from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets then responsiveness can help you to grow your business. Google also prefers and loves mobile friendly websites. Mobile responsive blogs are very user friendly on mobile device.

5. Best Support

For non-coder, themes from MyThemeShop Club are like blessing. They provide best support in industry for their themes. If you have any coding related problem or any, just go to support and pen a ticket. You will have solution very soon. Go and get focused on your work, rest is supported by their team.

6. Adsense Optimized

Most of the the themes from the club are adsense optimized. It means your adsense revenue will surely rise, if you use MyThemeShop Themes. They are optimized in this way that visitors are very likely to click on adsense ads. So you must purchase these themes to skyrocket adsense earnings.

7. Built For The Modern Web

These themes are bulit for the modern web. It supports HTML5 and CSS3. So that your website is ready for the web’s future.With the use of latest web standards, their themes re so fast. They are also cross browser compatible. It means these themes will work fluently on all major web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Safari.

8. Theme Updates

Your theme will receive latest update straight from MyThemeShop for free. Now you are no need to require download new theme every time for updation. But with new plugin MyThemeShop Connect make it easy to update with just one click.

9. Built In Options

Their themes have great built-in option for which other themes require plugin. These option include social media button, In-Built Review system, Adsense spot, Recent & Popular Post Widget, Google Plus Widget, Related Posts. One of feature in love is typography.

You can change fonts right from the theme option. It also come with Google Fonts support. Customization specific part of themes is also very easy, which can be done right from built-in options. Also adding logo in these theme is very easy. Just upload it at theme options and done. By doing this, it signifies that they don’t believe in use of many plugins.

10. BigUser Base

You can estimate the popularity and quality of these themes by its larger number of customers. At the time of writing , they have 1,23,997 happy customers using their themes. With in short span of time, they have added a many customer in 6 digits.  Highly appreciable. This is all done through their quality work and quality themes.

MyThemeShop Pricing: Best Themes At Lower Price

Pricing of MyThemeShop is also very competitive. You are always assured to get best for given price. You can purchase any single theme at a price of $35. You can also get one year membership for $67/year or $9/month. Also developer license is available at discounted price of $97. Developer license is most suitable for those WordPress developers who develop many WordPress websites for clients.

MyThemeShop Review: Best Premium WordPress Themes At One Place
MyThemeShop Review: Best Premium WordPress Themes At One Place

You Will Love MyThemeShop Themes

If you are already using these MytThemeShop themes, I bet you are loving their themes surely. Many pro-bloggers are already using their themes. If you are new blogger, It is recommended to purchase premium WordPress themes and MyThemeShop stand out in the cub of premium WordPress themes.

I already have their Sensational themes. So this MyThemeShop Review is based truly based on my personal experience with them.

So what are you waiting for go and grab a decent WordPress theme from their repository and rock your blog.

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